Am I a Good Candidate for a Thread Face-Lift?

If the natural aging process has already started to add years to your face, you may be considering your options to address the big culprit: sagging, loose skin. When surgery isn’t an option, it may be time to consider the many benefits of a thread face-lift.

Dr. Metelitsin offers this innovative, in-office procedure to lift your face without the risks of surgery. You can expect immediate results for a better appearance, and enjoy a boost in your your overall self-confidence.

How a thread face-lift works

A thread face-lift procedure involves placing small threads in sagging areas of skin around your face. Treatment is most effective at addressing loose skin in your:

Threads are inserted into small incisions in the skin. Dr. Metelitsin then pulls on the threads, effectively lifting it back to tighten your skin.

An added benefit of a thread face-lift is the accompanying stimulation of new collagen from the the procedure. Threads contain tiny cones that cause inflammation in the skin. Your body’s natural healing response kicks in, producing new collagen that supports healthy, younger-looking skin.

In the weeks after a thread face-lift, your body keeps producing collagen, which grows around the threads, further improving your skin’s appearance and health.

Why a thread face-lift is the perfect alternative to surgery

Surgery carries many risks, including an increased likelihood of leaving visible scars after the procedure. With a thread face-lift, you won’t have to worry about scarring or unnecessary trauma to your skin.

To keep you comfortable during the thread insertion procedure, you can receive a local anesthetic rather than putting your health at risk with general anesthesia.

Other benefits of a thread face-lift include:

You’ll also receive a customized treatment plan, targeting exactly the areas of your skin that leave you unhappy with your appearance.

Maintenance thread procedures can also keep your skin looking young and fresh. Over time, your body absorbs the threads, but because the procedure is so low risk, you can receive additional thread treatments to maintain your results long-term.

The right candidate for a thread face-lift

If a thread face-lift sounds like the right treatment option for you, it’s important that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Metelitsin. She can determine if this type of procedure is safe and effective for you based on your medical history and current health.

Successful candidates for a thread face-lift are typically 55 or younger, who are not able to tolerate or are not interested in a traditional surgical face-lift.

You also need to have the right expectations for what treatment can do for you. If you have excessive areas of loose skin, traditional face-lift surgery may be a more viable option.

However, if your skin is just starting to sag in certain areas, a thread face-lift procedure may be exactly what you need to reach your desired results.

If you’re ready to tighten your skin, and enjoy the view again when you look in the mirror, call for a consultation or schedule one online today.

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