SculpSure®: A Pain Free Way to Slim Down Trouble Areas

Have you dreamed of reshaping your body, but you don’t want the risks that go along with surgery? You may be the ideal candidate for noninvasive SculpSure® body contouring technology.

The experienced medical team at Marina Medispa in Edgewater, New Jersey, offers this innovative treatment to address stubborn fat that’s difficult to lose through diet and exercise. You can enjoy dramatic, long-lasting results without any downtime or scarring.

Certain areas retain fat

Certain areas of fat are often resistant to diet and exercise. When you get older, your body changes the way it distributes and stores fat. For this reason, you may notice fat building up in areas, such as your:

Many men and women also develop a double chin thanks to the submental fat that builds up below their chin. SculpSure® can effectively treat all of these areas without damaging the surrounding tissues or skin.

How SculpSure® works

SculpSure® uses laser energy to heat up fat cells under your skin. Once the laser energy raises the temperature of the fat cells, the cells become damaged and die. Your body then flushes the fat cells out of your system as natural waste. Once the fat cells are eliminated, they’re gone for good.

During SculpSure® treatments, you may feel a slight warming or tingling sensation from the laser. These sensations will go away after your procedure. Throughout the procedure, you can sit back and relax while the laser works its magic on your treatment areas. You’ll have no pain and won’t need anesthesia. For most patients, a treatment won’t last more than an hour.

The skin in the treatment area may appear red for several hours after your procedure before returning to normal. Once you leave the office, you can return to your usual activities without any downtime.

Long-lasting results

Just as it took your body time to store up excess fat, it will take your body time to eliminate the dead fat cells. Within 4 weeks of treatment, you should begin to notice a slimming of the treatment area. Your natural contours should be more distinguished, and you may discover your clothes fit better than before.

It typically takes up to 12 weeks to achieve optimal results with SculpSure® treatments. Many patients achieve their goals after just one treatment. Your treatment plan will depend on the number of areas being treated and their sizes. Your SculpSure® results will last for years with regular exercise and a proper diet.

To see if SculpSure® treatments can help you get rid of your stubborn pockets of fat, book an appointment online or over the phone with Marina Medispa today.

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