How Surgery-Free SculpSure Eliminates Stubborn Saddlebags

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Stubborn fat can develop in specific areas of your body when you gain weight or due to hormonal changes from pregnancy or the natural aging process. One of the areas where fat deposits are common is on the outer thighs.

This protrusion of excess thigh fat is often referred to as saddlebags. The nickname comes from the similarities in appearance to horses carrying extra baggage. Once they appear on your body, they can be particularly difficult to get rid of.

Causes of saddlebags

Saddlebags typically affect more women than men because of the way weight is distributed in the female body. As estrogen levels fluctuate and if you become less active, fat tends to develop on your thighs, hips, and buttocks. Ladies may also be more prone to saddlebags because they tend to have a larger pelvic area to support a pregnancy.

While a good diet and regular physical activity can help stave off saddlebag fat for some time, stubborn fat deposits can still develop as you get older.

SculpSure®️ for saddlebags

When fat defies a good diet and exercise plan, there’s an effective solution that doesn’t require surgery or a second of downtime. SculpSure®️ body contouring treatments can permanently destroy stubborn areas of fat in less than 30 minutes without a single incision.

SculpSure laser energy uses heat to damage and ultimately destroy the structure of the fat cells on your outer thighs without affecting your skin’s surface. This destruction is permanent, and targeted fat cells can’t grow back.

For several months after treatment, targeted fat cells continue to die off. Your body absorbs and eliminates the dead fat cells naturally as it does other waste, so no follow-up treatments are necessary to address destroyed cells.

Enjoy fast treatments

One of the biggest benefits of SculpSure body contouring treatments is that treatments are painless and quick. Many treatments can be completed in less than 30 minutes, and all you have to do is lie back and relax while the laser goes to work.

When the laser device is applied to the area of your outer thighs where saddlebags develop, the energy reaches below the skin’s surface where it is absorbed by the targeted fat cells. The cells heat up, destroying their structure without causing you any discomfort. Throughout treatment you feel only a warming or tingling sensation when the laser cycles on.

Benefit from long-term results

After SculpSure treatments, you can return to your usual activities without any limitations. Your body eliminates the dead fat cells over the course of several weeks naturally. Typically within six weeks of treatment, you can see a reduction in thigh fat and your protruding saddlebags no longer stand out. Optimal results should appear after about 12 weeks.

The good news is that once the laser energy destroys the fat cells, they can’t grow back. As long as you maintain a healthy diet with lots of fresh vegetables and low-fat foods, you can expect to maintain your smoother thighs in the long-term. Many people find the results from SculpSure to be a great motivator for making healthier lifestyle choices.


When you’re ready to say goodbye to saddlebags for good, schedule a custom consultation with Dr. Marina Metelitsin today online or by calling the office.

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