Why Everyone is Talking About Thread Lifts

Thread lifts are the latest in nonsurgical, skin-rejuvenating procedures. The results are amazing considering the procedure is minimally invasive and the recovery time is far less than that of the traditional face-lift. If you’re just beginning to notice the signs of aging, you may want to consider a thread lift.

In 2015, actress Gwyneth Paltrow placed thread lifts in the spotlight when she covered the procedure for her online magazine, Goop. At the time, the procedure wasn’t approved by the FDA, but the demand for this new type of face-lift brought about new research, which led to advances in the procedure — and finally, FDA approval.

During a thread lift procedure, threads made of clear polypropylene material are inserted into your skin, just below the surface, by a large needle. Attached to the polypropylene threads are cones and grippers that grab the skin to lift and pull it tight. Because of the superficial placement of the needle and threads, the skin can be repositioned to create a less saggy appearance.

There is also a mesh thread that is inserted, causing the skin to build collagen around it. The thread is made of a dissolving material so the risk of infection is minimized. Once the threads used in either method dissolve, the bacteria has nothing to cling to and the body’s defense system kicks in.

What areas benefit from a thread lift?

Of course, a thread lift isn’t going to give you the same results as the more invasive surgical face-lift, but the results are fantastic when you consider the ease the procedure. The areas that benefit the most are your jowls, face, and neck.

You can have thread lifts performed on other areas of your body, as well. Just about anywhere you have skin can benefit from a thread lift. Your breasts, buttocks, décolletage, and even saggy knees can be tightened and toned in appearance with a thread lift.

Who is the best candidate for a thread lift?

Those who get the better results from a thread lift are typically between 30 and 60, when skin is just beginning to show signs of aging. Older patients, and those with a lot of sagging skin, perhaps from excessive weight loss, would fare better with a traditional lift. A thread lift is a great way to boost collagen production to prevent early aging.

Your procedure is performed under local anesthesia, which means you stay awake. Risks associated with general anesthesia are of no concern with a thread lift. Recovery time is minimal, and there is no need for much advance prep.

Very little downtime required

Compared with the traditional surgical face-lift, your healing, which might have some early discomfort, will be pretty much a non-event. You can expect some pain, bruising, and swelling for the first few days after the procedure, and you’ll probably want to take advantage of your prescription for pain pills. You won’t be able to wash your face or resume your regular skin care regimen for the first 12 hours. Drink plenty of water, and get your rest.

Because the technique is so advanced, and the thread material dissolves, there will be little to no scarring. Any scars that do form will be virtually invisible. You can expect the results to last up to six months, although this depends on the boost you get from the collagen production.

Rejuvenate the skin you’re in

You may not be quite ready for an all-in surgical face-lift, but you’d like to rejuvenate your skin. You’re tired of looking tired, and far too young for the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles.

The thread lift offers you the perfect solution: tighter, firmer, younger-looking skin through a minimally invasive procedure, with a short recovery time. No wonder everyone is talking about thread lifts.

In Edgewater, New Jersey, Dr. Marina Metelitsin is here to help. Dr. Metelitsin brings 30 years of experience in antiaging services and, along with her dynamic team at Marina Medispa, offers a range of aesthetic and antiaging procedures to let your beauty and confidence shine forth. For more on thread lifts, contact Marina Medispa today.

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