Why Winter Is the Best Time for Laser Skin Treatments

It can be difficult to remember the joys of summer during the cold temperatures and dreary weather of a New Jersey winter. If you’re already dreaming about your smooth, tanned summer body, winter is the perfect time to get to work.

There are a variety of laser skin treatments available to enhance your natural features and appearance, including laser hair removal and skin resurfacing. By getting started now, you can be ready when the summer months roll in. Winter maintenance makes sense for many reasons.

No sunburns allowed

It’s important that you don’t have sunburned skin in order to undergo laser treatments. In fact, even tanned skin can complicate procedures like laser hair removal, making them less effective than if your skin is its natural color.

Better skin protection

Laser treatments can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. By undergoing treatments during the months you’re more likely to be covered up and staying indoors, you can better protect your skin.

Time for healing

You don’t want to start laser treatment right before the busy summer season kicks off. When you undergo skin resurfacing treatments that remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, you need to give your body time to heal naturally.

As your skin heals following wintertime treatments, you look younger and more vibrant throughout the winter months and well into summer.

Room for results

Some laser skin treatments, including laser hair removal, require more than one session to achieve your desired results. As treatment can only address hair in the active growth phase, it can take several follow-up treatments to address all of your unwanted body hair.

If you start your sessions in the winter, your treatment can be complete by the time summer arrives. This ensures your legs and skin are ready for the beach.

Pamper yourself

For some people, winter blues set in and are hard to shake. By scheduling self-care appointments for skin laser treatments, you can pamper your body and revive your spirit. There’s no better time to relax with a laser treatment than a cold winter day.

Effectively treat cold-weather issues

If you have skin issues triggered by the winter cold, such as eczema or very dry skin, laser treatments are ideal for promoting more youthful, glowing skin all winter long.

You can tackle these issues head-on by scheduling winter laser treatments, like skin resurfacing. This type of treatment triggers an increased production of collagen to moisturize and firm your skin, to fight back against the dry winter air.

If you’re not sure what laser skin treatments are right for you, start by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Marina Metelitsin today. She can evaluate the condition of your skin and recommend the right treatment options based on your health and desired results. By the time the summer months are in sight, your skin will feel better, look younger, and be healthier than ever.

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